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Texas Sustainable Solar

At Texas Sustainable Solar, we help Texans to become energy independent and lower or eliminate their electric bill. You will reduce your dependence on fossil fuels by installing your own photovoltaic solar system in most cases with no down payment. We will show you how to save 30% off the cost of your system by taking advantage of a federal tax credit before it goes away.

Roof Mount

Commercial Solar Projects

Roof mounts are the most common solar arrays; they are usually easier and faster to install, space-saving and less noticeable. You can also create other structures such as covered walkways, barns or car ports for your rooftop solar panels, which would also qualify for Federal tax reduction.


Roof Mount Solar

If you are a business owner, solar make financial sense. Besides the savings on your electric bill, there is a 30% Federal Tax credit, accelerated depreciation, and you win more customers because of your commitment to sustainability. Additionally, agricultural-related business may also qualify for specialized Federal grants that will provide more financial relief towards installation costs.

Ground Mount

Solar Ground Mount

If you have the space on your property, a ground mounted solar array has many advantages. We can initiate with a  perfect orientation resulting in maximum performance. There are no worries about roof penetrations; if you need to change your roof, the solar system is not in the way, and you can easily expand your system if your energy demand increases.

We use helical piles to anchor our ground mount systems, which are designed based off of your energy needs, soil sample and other irradiance factors.

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